Spoilers am 23.2.2016

Duality updates!
Today, a look into the crystal ball reveals a Typhoon skin that will be available for TQ and an insignia which hints an upcoming „Valkyrie“ inspired landmark. Available on Sisi.
Der heutige Blick in die Kristallkugel zeigt nicht viel. Eine für TQ geplante Typhoon SKIN (Abziehbild) und eine Insignie mit Hinweisen auf ein „Valkyrie“ inspiriertes Mahnmal. Vorhanden auf Sisi.

Sisi typeIDs

40695 • Typhoon IGC Victory Skin (Permanent)
40701 • Inscription Insignia
Description: Retrieved from Guristas Detention and Research Facilities, the top 20 capsuleers who have amassed the largest stockpiles of this Insignia will have their names immortalized forever on a Valkyrie inspired landmark erected in New Eden.

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Since 22.02.2016:


Valkyrie Devals for ship models

Duality new typeIDs

Super Weapon

40696 • Superweapon_Bubble
40697 • Superweapon_AOEDamp
40698 • Superweapon_AOEPaint
40699 • Superweapon_AOETrack
40670 • Superweapon_AOEGuide


40702 • Medium Assembly Array Wreck
40703 • Large Assembly Array Wreck
40704 • X-Large Assembly Array Wreck
40705 • Medium Laboratory Wreck
40706 • Large Laboratory Wreck
40707 • X-Large Laboratory Wreck

Damage Control

40714 • Capital Emergency Hull Energizer I
40715 • Capital Implacable Compact Emergency Hull Energizer
40716 • Capital Indefatigable Enduring Emergency Hull Energizer
40717 • Capital Emergency Hull Energizer II
40718 • Sisters Capital Emergency Hull Energizer

Damage Control Blueprint

40719 • Capital Emergency Hull Energizer I Blueprint
40720 • Capital Implacable Compact Emergency Hull Energizer Blueprint
40721 • Capital Indefatigable Enduring Emergency Hull Energizer Blueprint
40722 • Capital Emergency Hull Energizer II Blueprint
40723 • Sisters Capital Emergency Hull Energizer Blueprint


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