Spoilers 2.3.2016

Update for build 1014049
Update for build 1014243
Update for build 1014740
Update for build 1015208
New items on Singularity, mostly for module tiericide (new and changed modules) of the March Update, like Stasis Grappler, Faction/Officer Damage Control and more.
Neue Items auf Singularity, hauptsächlich für Module Tiericie. Zum Beispiel Stasis Grappler, Faction/Officer Damage Control und weitere.

Sisi typeIDs

Stasis Web

41038 • Republic Fleet Stasis Webifier


41036 • Men’s ‚Boneweld‘ Facial Augmentation
41043 • Men’s ‚Wirepoise‘ Facial Augmentation
41044 • Men’s ‚Circuitrun‘ Facial Augmentation
41045 • Men’s ‚Twinswitch‘ Facial Augmentation
41046 • Men’s ‚Setcouple‘ Facial Augmentation
41047 • MMen’s ‚Bridgestat‘ Facial Augmentation
41048 • Women’s ‚Tripoint‘ Facial Augmentation
41049 • Women’s ‚Crossgrid‘ Facial Augmentation
41050 • Women’s ‚Guidemask‘ Facial Augmentation
41051 • Women’s ‚Waveform‘ Facial Augmentation
41052 • Women’s ‚Sparkgap‘ Facial Augmentation
41053 • Women’s ‚Openyagi‘ Facial Augmentation


By nanowelding synthetic neuromesh directly to the bone, while placing a formation of variable resistors at the skin’s surface, a facial augmentation can be built that will boost the wearer’s somatosensory systems dramatically.

Hyper-intensive simulations indicate a more focused and aware connection between an augmented individual’s consciousness and their nervous-emotional responses. However, the benefits of this augmentation are not solely limited to improving cognitive interaction with emotional inputs and outputs.

Whether sipping cocktails in the zero-g bars of Caille, or ripping apart the sputtering remains of a pirate vessel with your guns in nullsec, one thing will be certain: those who see your face will have it etched into their memory forever.

Male Icon previews


Female Icon previews


Stasis Grappler

Stasis Grapplers reduce the maximum speed of a target ship by employing micro energy streams which effectively entangle the target temporarily, thereby slowing it down.
This slowing effect is strongest at very close ranges, and diminishes as range increases.
Heavy Stasis Grapplers require a very stable base platform, and therefore may only be fitted to Battleships and Capital Ships.
41040 • Stasis Grappler – Heavy Stasis Grappler I –
41054 • Heavy Gunnar Compact Stasis Grappler
41055 • Heavy Karelin Scoped Stasis Grappler
41056 • Heavy Jigoro Enduring Stasis Grappler
41057 • Heavy Stasis Grappler II
41058 • Heavy Shadow Serpentis Stasis Grappler
41059 • Heavy Domination Stasis Grappler

Warp Scrambler

41061 • Federation Navy Warp Scrambler
41062 • Federation Navy Warp Disruptor

Sensor BoosterScript

41155 • ECCM Script

Sensor Booster

41191 • Sentient Sensor Booster
41192 • Unit D-34343’s Modified Sensor Booster
41193 • Unit F-435454’s Modified Sensor Booster
41194 • Unit P-343554’s Modified Sensor Booster
41195 • Unit W-634’s Modified Sensor Booster

Signal Amplifier

41196 • Sentient Signal Amplifier
41197 • Syndicate Signal Amplifier

Remote Sensor Booster

41198 • Sentient Remote Sensor Booster
41199 • Shadow Serpentis Remote Sensor Booster

Damage Control

41200 • Shadow Serpentis Damage Control
41201 • Shadow Serpentis Remote Sensor Booster
41202 • Sentient Damage Control
41203 • Brynn’s Modified Damage Control
41204 • Unit D-34343’s Modified Damage Control
41205 • Tuvan’s Modified Damage Control
41206 • Unit F-435454’s Modified Damage Control
41207 • Setele’s Modified Damage Control
41208 • Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control
41210 • Cormack’s Modified Damage Control
41211 • Unit W-634’s Modified Damage Control

Capacitor Battery

41212 • Republic Fleet Small Cap Battery
41213 • Domination Small Cap Battery
41214 • Thukker Small Cap Battery
41215 • Republic Fleet Medium Cap Battery
41216 • Domination Medium Cap Battery
41217 • Thukker Medium Cap Battery
41218 • Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
41219 • Domination Large Cap Battery
41220 • Thukker Large Cap Battery

Stasis Web Blueprint

41221 • Heavy Stasis Grappler I Blueprint
41222 • Heavy Stasis Grappler II Blueprint



For the unpublished Augmentations above?


Mostly new (smaller) versions of the samples shown here


126_64_1 • Used for (Remote) Sensor Booster ECCM Script

Sisi Build 1014049

New Sisi patch on Wednesday (branch 2016-COLIN.STAGING_NEXT_RELEASE,build 1014049) has no new typeIDs. Localization strings got updated and several resource files within res:/graphics/effect.dx11/managed/space/specialfx/particles/gpu/

Sisi Build 1014243

New Sisi typeID for build (branch 2016-COLIN.STAGING_NEXT_RELEASE,build 1014243)

Script Blueprint

41230 • ECCM Script Blueprint

Project Discovery

A few updated Subcell reference images
202_hpa_subcell_task1_ref_hpa053693_aggresome_na 204_rods_and_rings_a 204_rods_and_rings_na 901_hpa_subcell_task1_ref_hpa055108_negative_a 202_hpa_subcell_task1_ref_hpa053693_aggresome_a

Sisi Build 1014740

New Sisi typeID for build (branch 2016-COLIN.STAGING_NEXT_RELEASE,build 1014740)
Still staging.
No new typeIDs, but Stasis Grapplers now have a marketGroup and the new Blueprints have icon, attributes and other information.

Other Resources


Quite some new Icons (64px and 128 px)


projectdiscovery • projectdiscovery.png



Sisi Build 1015208

New Sisi typeID for build (branch 2016-COLIN.STAGING_NEXT_RELEASE,build 1015208)
Still staging.

Other Resources