Sisi and Chaos Spoilers 15.3.2016

Singularity builds 1017775 to 1019071, Chaos Build 1018361
Several changes done to texts in game, English and localized. In addition some preparations for the Guristas/Valkyrie event starting 18.3..
Player driven change: Gecko Drones are cheaper now on Tranquility.

typeIDs on Sisi


41419 • Scorpion Valkyrie SKIN (Permanent)
41420 • Merlin Valkyrie SKIN (Permanent)
41421 • Moa Valkyrie SKIN (Permanent)

Other resources on Sisi

Build 1019071 • res:/ui/texture/classes/skins/icons/

96 • 96.png • Icon for Valkyrie Skins

Build 1017775 • res:/video/billboards/

citadel_logos.webm • Billboard ad as already leaked here

Other Resources on Chaos

Some work done to Hangar traffic/shaders (Amarr/Caldari/Citadels)
Changes to Bellicose Hull based models

Citadel Previews moved to its own post