Sisi Duality Leaks

This time it’s duality where new stuff will be found – as soon as VIP mode is dropped

Build 1032125, Branch CITIZENSCIENCE2.DEV

Sisi build 1032125

New items

Data Miners and Blueprints

41533 • Data Miners • ‘Ligature’ Integrated Analyzer
41534 • Data Miners • ‘Zeugma’ Integrated Analyzer
41535 • Data Miner Blueprint • ‘Ligature’ Integrated Analyzer Blueprint
41536 • Data Miner Blueprint • ‘Zeugma’ Integrated Analyzer Blueprint
shown on a slide during a FF presentation. without this:

As this multi-use analyzer has both fully integrated archaeology and hacking systems, it can be used to both analyze ancient ruins and bypass electronic security systems.

Whilst comparatively weaker than its more specialized counterparts, its combined functionality provides the user with an increased flexibility when it comes to fitting.

New Resources

3D Model related

Industral Array, Medium size. Preview Render:
Medium Industrial Array

New Images


Several “Scenes”, like
res:/dx9/scene/wormholes/ and others

Not new but changed are several Project Discovery related resources, like the Analysis Kredits Icon and elements of the PD window