Fiona (YC118.6 Update) spoilers 25.06.2016

The new stuff for next week’s update

Almost forgot that one.

With Fiona almost ready to be deployed next tuesday, let’s recap what changes I found on Chaos and Sisi. The current patch on Sisi (EVE-TRANQUILITY 14.06.1051712.1051708) is the first eve-tranquility build, but won’t be the last. But additional patches will likely only apply changes to the code; features and (art) assets should be fixed now.

New items


Vehement · Dreadnought
Vendetta · Supercarrier
Vanquisher · Titan

Looks like those two did’nt maket it:
Venerable · Force Auxiliary
Vanguard · Carrier


Vehement Blueprint · Dreadnought Blueprint
Vendetta Blueprint · Supercarrier Blueprints
Vanquisher Blueprint · Titan Blueprint

As above, and with such material requirements, manufacturing is …
Venerable Blueprint · Force Auxiliary Blueprint
Vanguard Blueprint · Carrier Blueprint


Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessor · Artifacts and Prototypes
Required in bulk to manufacture the new Capitals.


Fortizar Lights On · Cloud · Celestial
Fortizar Citadel · Large Collidable Object · Celestial
Decoration much like the Astrahus LCO’s already on TQ


Angel Cartel Battlecruiser · Angel Cartel Event Battlecruiser
Angel Cartel Cruiser · Angel Cartel Event Cruiser
Angel Cartel Frigate · Angel Cartel Event Frigate
Angel Cartel Guard · Roaming Angel Cartel Battleship
Angel Cartel Guard · Roaming Angel Cartel Cruiser
Angel Cartel Guard · Roaming Angel Cartel Frigate
Serpentis Guard · Roaming Serpentis Battleship
Serpentis Guard · Roaming Serpentis Cruiser
Serpentis Guard · Roaming Serpentis Frigate

Research Cache · Spawn Container
Research Warehouse · Spawn Container
Research Vault · Spawn Container

Implant · Booster

Gold Ouroboros Accelerator
Silver Ouroboros Accelerator
Copper Ouroboros Accelerator

Implant · Cyberimplant

Low-Grade Asklepian Alpha
Low-Grade Asklepian Beta
Low-Grade Asklepian Delta
Low-Grade Asklepian Epsilon
Low-Grade Asklepian Gamma
Low-Grade Asklepian Omega
Mid-Grade Asklepian Alpha
Mid-Grade Asklepian Beta
Mid-Grade Asklepian Gamma
Mid-Grade Asklepian Delta
Mid-Grade Asklepian Epsilon
Mid-grade Asklepian Omega
High-Grade Asklepian Alpha
High-Grade Asklepian Beta
High-Grade Asklepian Gamma
High-Grade Asklepian Delta
High-Grade Asklepian Epsilon
High-grade Asklepian Omega

Special Edition Assets · Special Edition Commodities
Copper Ouroboros
Silver Ouroboros
Gold Ouroboros

New Changed item


Men’s Scope Network Special Correspondent Suit
Women’s Scope Network Special Correspondent Suit


On TQ: combat-suit-tq

Like the Combat Suit available from the SoE for analysis kredits, both suits continue to be unpublished and lack a market group. This means that trading them is limited to contracts as well. Finding contracts is only possible when searching for all apparel contracts. It’s not possible to issue want to buy contracts as the attempt to add such item to a wtb contract end unfruitful.

Fortunately, these items are no longer unpublished and even have a market group. Trading them should be no issue – as soon as they are available.

No other item names changed. You you’re curious, look for other changed strings that are not new but will be different to what tey contain on TQ. For example, aeveral entries for Achievements Opportunities, will point to Career Agents more.

New Resources

New Audio


870560555.wem (fiona-login-theme-master)

Fiona is the name set for the rourth major storm in 2016 – as well was for the next major eve update ([Name] 1.0)

New Images









In addition there’s a truckload full of changed resources. Most of them are assets for the graphical updates of stargates and secondary light sources. But the actual models also got updated.

Now it’s on you to grind iconseasonpoints.png for res:/ui/texture/icons/inventory/serpentiscontainergold_64.png.

Easily done, as a look at the season points required for a crate shows.