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Item icon Details for 300 Aurum Token

Market group: Aurum Tokens Volume: 0.01m³ typeID: 44204 Published: true


This item can be redeemed for 300 Aurum (AUR).

To Redeem: Right-click the Aurum Token and select "Redeem for AUR".

On the Aurum Token: Originally designed for Noble Appliances in YC 113, the aurum token is a physical chit that can be redeemed for a predefined amount of AUR currency.

Though at first blush it appears to be a large coin, the aurum token shares more in common with high-security datacores. At the center of the token is digital ID paired with a series of suspended entangled electrons. When the token is redeemed, the entangled electrons are engaged, altering their partners located at an off-site bank. Not only does this ensure the exchange occurs instantly, but when combined with a proprietary security shell it renders attempts to tamper or counterfeit the token useless.

Though the gold and silver case is merely an aesthetic addition, the coin-like appearance has become synonymous with the device, leading to nicknames of "gold aurum", or "golden token".
Source: SCOPE fluff piece (unprinted)

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