Some singularity .staticdata as json

They key columns within the SQLite databases are now included as "key_str": "key" pairs within the resulting json dumps.
To get a json dump with actual keys for the arrays contained, set use the option.

Current Versions

SINGULARITY EVE-2017-DON 15.04.1138187.1138183 [1138187]
CHAOS EVE-MAINLINE 13.05.1138379.1138379 [1138379]
TRANQUILITY EVE-TRANQUILITY 15.03.1135520.1135520 [1135520]
DUALITY EVE-2017-PROJDISCOVERY 15.03.1135025.1135025 [1135025]
Text references, like typeNameID or descriptionID on these tables can be found in the localizationfsd/localization_fsd_[language].pickle files. Images like shiptree Icon are located in your Download on Demand SharedCache directory.